Students enjoying Pepsi

  1. Are you ordering for a University department or a student organization?

    If you are a student organization, please contact Student Involvement.

    If you are ordering on behalf of a department/college/non-student org, continue below.

  2. Are you giving 2 days notice?

    Orders for Monday delivery need to be placed by close of business the previous Thursday.

    Deliveries to East Campus are made on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  3. Are you registered with Vending Services?

    If you haven't ordered before contact Scott Weihe at 402-472-6700 to request a login.

  4. Place your order online



  5. Follow the instructions in the guide

    (Note: Paper/email orders are no longer accepted.)

  6. Submit your invoice

    After Pepsi has delivered your product submit your invoice to Vending Services (1700 Y St, 0694). Contact Scott Weihe for assistance.



An exclusive beverage agreement with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and LinPepCo went into effect on July 1, 1997. Since that date, only Pepsi products are to be served at University of Nebraska-Lincoln events and only Pepsi products may be purchased with University funds.

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