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Carbonated Soft Drinks

Packages Units Invoice Cost Unit Cost
CSD Cans 12 oz 4/6 Pack $9.40 $2.38
CSD Cans 12 oz 2/12 Pack $9.50 $4.75
CSD Cans 12 oz 24 Pack $9.50 $9.50
CSD Cans 7.5 oz 4/6 Pack $9.10 $2.28
CSD PET 12 oz 3/8 Pack $14.00 $4.67
CSD PET 20 oz Bottles 24L $17.65 $0.74
CSD PET Bottles 2 Liter 8L $16.50 $2.06
CSD PET Bottles 1 Liter 15L $18.25 $1.22
Mt Dew Kickstart 16/12 oz 12L $13.65 $1.14

Aquafina, Klarbrunn, Propel and Gatorade

Packages Units Invoice Cost Unit Cost
Aquafina 16.9 oz 24 Pack $11.50 $0.48
Aquafina 20 oz 24L $17.65 $0.74
Aquafina 1 Liter 15L $18.25 $1.22
Aquafina 12 oz 3/8 Pack $10.15 $3.38
bubly Sparkling 16 oz Cans 12L $8.23 $.74
bubly Sparkling 12 oz 3/8 Pack $7.90 $2.63
Klarbrunn Drinking Water Cans 12 oz 2/12 Pack $8.60 $4.30
Klarbrunn Vita Ice Bottles 17oz 12L $8.00 $0.67
Klarbrunn Bubbl'r 12oz Cans 12L $13.10 $1.09
Klarbrunn ~ Lied Center .5 Liter 1/24 pk $11.50 $0.48
Klarbrunn UBR 23.67oz 24L $19.20 $0.80
Propel Fitness Water 20 oz Bottles 24L $23.80 $0.99
Gatorade and G Zero 20 oz 24L $23.80 $0.99
Gatorade and G2 12 oz 4/6 Pack $18.00 $4.50
Gatorade 28 oz 15L $34.00 $2.27
Gatorade Bolt 16.9 oz 12L $14.40 $1.20
Gatorade Protein Bars 12L 2.8 oz 12L $17.75 $1.48
Schweppes 10 oz 4/6 pk $14.00 $3.50
Schweppes Bottles 1 Liter 15L $17.00 $1.13
LifeWTR 20 oz 24L $20.65 $0.86
LifeWTR 700 ml 12L $12.80 $1.07
LifeWTR 1 Ltr 12L $15.40 $1.28

Starbucks Coffee

Packages Units Invoice Cost Unit Cost
Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso 6.5 oz 12L $21.50 $1.79
Starbucks Frappuccino 9.5 oz 6/4 Pack $29.25 $4.88
Starbucks Cold Brew 11 oz 12L $27.00 $2.25
Starbucks Nitro 9.6 oz 12L $27.00 $2.25
Starbucks Frappuccino 13.7 oz 12L $21.50 $1.79
Starbucks Chilled Espresso 14 oz 12L PET $21.50 $1.79
Starbucks Energy Coffee 15 oz 12L $20.60 $1.72
Bang Keto Coffee 16 oz 12L $28.00 $2.33

Lipton Tea

Packages Units Invoice Cost Unit Cost
Lipton Pure Leaf 18.5 oz 12L $13.00 $1.08
Lipton Pure Leaf 16.9 oz 2/6 Pack $13.00 $1.08
Lipton Pure Leaf 64 oz 8L $15.50 $1.94
Lipton Iced Tea/Brisk 20 oz 24L $17.65 $0.74
Lipton Brisk 1 Liter 15L $18.25 $1.22
Pure Leaf Tea Organics & Cold Brew 14oz 12L $16.20 $1.35

Energy Beverages

Packages Units Invoice Cost Unit Cost
Rockstar 16 oz 24L $36.00 $1.50
Rockstar & Bang 16 oz 12L $18.00 $1.50
Bang Naturals 16 oz 12L $28.00 $2.33
Mt Dew AMP 16 oz 12L $18.00 $1.50
Mt Dew AMP Game Fuel 16 oz 12L $18.00 $1.50
5 Hour Energy 1.93 oz 12L $23.45 $1.95

All Other Non-Carbonated Beverages

Packages Units Invoice Cost Unit Cost
Muscle Milk 14 oz 12L $28.00 $2.33
Muscle Milk Pro Series 14 oz 12L $33.00 $2.75
Gatorade Protein Shakes 11.16 oz 12L $28.00 $2.33
Ocean Spray / Dole 15.2 oz 12L $15.40 $1.28
Trop Twister 16.9 oz 12L $7.40 $0.62
Naked Juice 15.2 oz 8L $20.00 $2.50
V8 Juice 12 oz 12L $21.00 $1.75
V8 Splash 16 oz 12L $15.30 $1.28


Abbr. Product
DPL Diet Pepsi Lime
DPV Diet Pepsi Vanilla
P ONE Pepsi One
P Pepsi
DP Diet Pepsi
PF Caffeine Free Pepsi
DPF Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi
MD Mountain Dew
DMD Diet Mountain Dew
LW Mountain Dew Live Wire
CP Cherry Pepsi
DCP Diet Cherry Pepsi
MDR Mountain Dew Code Red
DMDR Diet Mountain Dew Code Red
MUG Mug Root Beer
DMUG Diet Mug Root Beer
HP Hawaiian Punch
SMIST Sierra Mist
DSMIST Sierra Mist Free
DP MAX Pepsi Max
TLA Tropicana Lemonade
TPLA Tropicana Pink Lemonade
TSM Tropicana Strawberry Melon
VOLTAGE Mountain Dew Voltage
cease fire Pepsi Max Cease Fire
BT Brisk Tea
GT Lipton Green Tea Citrus
DGT Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus
AQ Aquafina
crush orange Crush Orange
crush grape Crush Grape
crush straw Crush Strawberry
crush cherry Crush Cherry


Abbr. Product
AQ Aquafina
grape AQ Splash Grape
berry AQ Splash Wild Berry
raspberry AQ Splash Raspberry
peach AQ Splash Peach Mango
strawkiwi AQ Splash Strawberry Kiwi

SoBe Life Water

Abbr. Product
acaifruit Acai Fruit Punch Zero Calorie
blackblue Black & Blue Berry Zero Calorie
blackgrap Life Water Black Berry Grape
cherimoya Cherimoya Punch Zero Calorie
fujiapple Fuji Apple Pear Zero Calorie
lemonade Life Water Lemonade
mango Mango Melon Zero Calorie
orangetan Life Water Orange Tangerine
pomecher Life Water Pomegranate Cherry
strawdrag Strawberry Dragonfruit Zero Calorie
strawkiwi Life Water Strawberry Kiwi
yumberry Life Water Yumberry Pomegranate Zero Calorie

Lipton PureLeaf Tea (Glass)

Abbr. Product
grnhoney Green Tea w/ Honey
peach Peach
raspberry Raspberry
sweet Sweet
unsweet Unsweetened

Ocean Spray

Abbr. Product
cranberrry Cranberry Cocktail
crangrape Cranberry Grape
blueberry Blueberrry Cocktail
orange Orange Juice 100%
apple Apple Juice 100%
peachpm Pineapple Peach Mango
strawkiwi Strawberry Kiwi
cranpome Cranberry Pomegranate
grapefruit Ruby Red Grapefruit

Propel Water

Abbr. Product
berry Berry
blackberry Black Cherry
grape Grape
strawkiwi Kiwi Strawberry

Gatorade/G2 Gatorade

Abbr. Product
fruitpunch Fruit Punch
blueberry Blueberry Pomegranate
glacier Glacier Freeze
grape Grape
lemonlime Lemon Lime
orange Orange

SoBe Bottles

Abbr. Product
enercitrus Enrgy Citrus
greentea Green Tea 3G
orange cr Tsunami ( Orange Cream)
pina Liz Blizz Pina Colada
power fp Power Fruit Punch
strawban Liz. Fuel (Pink Strawberry Banana)
strawdaiq Lizard Lava ( Strawberry Daiquiri)

Energy Drinks

Abbr. Product
amp AMP Mountain Dew
amp sf AMP Mountain Dew Sugar Free
lighting AMP Lighting
motherload No Fear Motherload
nofear No Fear
nofear sf Sugar Free No Fear
overdrive Mountain Dew AMP Over Drive
relunch Mountain Dew Relunch Orange
traction Mountain Dew Traction Grape

Frapp. 9.5 oz.

Abbr. Product
vanilla French Vanilla
coffee Coffee
mocha Mocha

Dshot Expresso

Abbr. Product
6.5oz. Double Shot Expresso

Muscle Milk

Abbr. Product
litechoc Light Chocolate
banana Banana Crème
strawberry Strawberry Crème
chocmalt Chocolate Malt
milkchoc Milk Chocolate
vanilla Vanilla Crème


Abbr. Product
rockstar Original
rock sf Sugar Free
zerocarbs Zero Carbs
mango Juiced Mango Orange Passionfruit
guava Juiced Guava
punched Punched
citrus Citrus Punched
pome Juiced Pomegranate

Rockstar 2.5oz Shot

Abbr. Product
punch Tropical Punch

Tazo Tea

Abbr. Product
green Iced Green
peach Giant Peach
bramble Brambleberry


Abbr. Product
12oz. V8 V-8 Juice
tropical Tropical Blend
strawkiwi Strawberry Kiwi
berry Berry Blend


An exclusive beverage agreement with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and LinPepCo went into effect on July 1, 1997. Since that date, only Pepsi products are to be served at University of Nebraska-Lincoln events and only Pepsi products may be purchased with University funds.

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