If you have a problem with a vending machine, refer to the refund location notice posted on the vending machine or see the list below for the location in that building.

If you need a refund for a machine in a building that does not have a refund location, you can:

  1. leave a note on the machine about how much was lost and how you can be contacted.
  2. obtain a refund at the Information Desk at either Nebraska Union or Nebraska East Union.
  3. Contact Vending Services at vending@unl.edu


Contact Kim Cheney at 402-472-3650
or via e-mail: vending@unl.edu

Office Hours:
8:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday-Friday

Vending Claim Form For Department Use

Abel/Sandoz Abel Welcome Desk
Admin/Canfield RM 307
Alexander-East RM 126
Alexander-West Front Desk
Animal Science RM 203
Architecture RM 210
Avery Hall RM 251
Barkley Center RM 318
Beadle Center RM N300
Burnett Hall RM 238
Business Services Complex RM 136
Campus Rec RM 55
CBA RM 214
Chase Hall RM 220
Col. of Dentistry RM 2107
Commerce Court-Nursing RM 102
Courtyards Courtyards Desk
Devaney Sport Center RM 107
FM&P Maintenance RM 103
FM&P Managemenet RM 220
Hamilton Hall RM 227
Hardin Hall RM 101
Harper/Schramm/Smith Smith Desk
Health Center RM 147
Henzlik Hall RM 123
Information Services RM 413
Knoll, Eastside, University Suites University Suites Desk
Law College RM 103
Lied Center RM 167
Love Library RM 318
M & N BLDG RM 103
Mabel Lee Hall RM 233
Manter Hall RM 402
Massengale & Love Memorial Massengale Desk
Nebraska Hall RM 514
Oldfather Hall Academic Grind Coffee Shop
Othmer Hall RM 114
Osborne Athletic Complex RM W122
Parking & Transit Services RM A126
Richards Hall RM 120
Ross Media Film Theatre RM 128
Ruth Leverton RM 110
Schorr Center RM 204
Selleck/Kaufman Selleck Hall Desk
Temple RM 109B
NETV RM 405.1
Transportation RM 106A
Union-CITY RM 200
Union-EAST RM 217
University Press 4th Floor
VET Diagnostic Center RM 120
Village Village Desk
Westbrook RM 119.1
Whittier Research Center RM 230
501 Building RM 118D